Healing and Re-igniting what has been Colonized out of us.

Life is a weaving, a tapestry of experience, powerful moments, and emotions.  Gardens are weavings of color, texture, smell, shape and size.  Each community, each country, is a weaving of culture and expression.  These weavings are rich and meaningful, to be respected and honored for their unique authenticity.  Weavings are needed to give life an expression, a voice to be both seen and heard.  How does this feel?

The weaver takes many threads/yarns/materials and arranges them in a such a manner as to create an idea or image of meaning and power felt deep inside.  However, weaving can be done with just about anything, such as ideas, experiences, prayer, and so much more.  Even something as simple as your breath can be represented as a weaving.  Dream catchers are weavings done to protect people at night from nightmares or bad dreams.  That is their purpose, and purpose is part of the process of weaving.  What would purpose look like in a weaving of life?  What would be represented as a theme, perhaps a pattern?

As weavers, what do we value, what is important to us, touches our heart and how do we want to be remembered?  Weaving is about story telling.  If you sat and thought about it, what would your story look like?  If you didn’t want it to be an actual weaving of fabric, what physical form might it take?  This may be something worth investigating.  Awakening and perspective are integral facets within this weaving of ourselves.

As an artist, weaving takes many forms for me.  The call of a piece of work can ask to be a drawing, a painting, a Saromo, or medicine art using sticks, fabric, and other materials.  Each experience talks through its own voice in request for being brought forth into this world.  Sometimes that voice may be unclear, or perhaps we are just unclear, and here SoulCollage® can come to the rescue.  This particular process is a unique means to accomplish an end, which is self-understanding and awareness, an important tool for a weaver.

The nest shared here is a weaving that has purpose, woven with great care for strength, safety, and with only the materials at hand.  Weavings are all around us and as it is nature’s way, it is also ours, as we belong to her.  Feel your weaver inside, and be comforted.

It is important to know that we are enough, and that you have all you need to do the work.  This is a fun, joyful and amazing journey towards discovery of empowerment and creativity.  Awaken and welcome.

Kathleen Schwab is a contemporary fine artist who works in charcoal, pastel, oil, watercolor, fabric and mixed media.  For images of her work please scroll down or click the button to the right.